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Mindfulness in the Workplace

“Ruth’s ways of explaining Mindfulness – both as a concept and as a practice - made it feel straightforward and very achievable, which was really quite inspiring.”

Why offer mindfulness in your workplace?

Calm City Mind enjoys working with businesses who  place a value on having happy, healthy employees. That is right from an employment perspective, and it also makes total business sense, resulting in a workforce which is committed, flexible and loyal. Businesses we work with have introduced mindfulness to their staff for a number of reasons, including to encourage:

  • collaborative working
  • mindful communication
  • better focus and concentration
  • proactive management of stress
  • skills to enhance wellbeing

Mindfulness is increasingly being used introduced into the workplace. In October 2016, the Mindfulness Initiative published its report: Building the case for mindfulness in the workplace, which features a number of case studies looking at the use of workplace mindfulness initiatives, including at BT, EY, GE, GSK, HSBC and Jaguar Land Rover.

Organisations Calm City Mind has worked with include...

What people say...

“Ruth educated, inspired and calmed the minds of lawyers and staff from Leigh Day’s employment department as part of their away-day in 2018.  As well as explaining the professional benefits of mindfulness in the workplace Ruth also offered all 70 attendees the chance to participate in short mindfulness practice sessions so they could experience the benefits of her knowledge for themselves.“

— Chris Benson, Employment Partner, Leigh Day 

Ruth delivered two taster sessions for staff at Centrepoint, as part of our organisation’s Wellbeing Week. Ruth calmly guided the groups through mindfulness exercises, whilst providing context for the techniques. Ruth’s gentle and friendly approach ensured that everybody felt comfortable and at ease...her passion for the practice is inspiring.”

— Ella Munns, Centrepoint (UK's leading charity for homeless young people).

“Arranging the classes with Ruth was really easy. She offered plenty of flexibility in terms of the type of classes and courses we could do. It was also great to have her advice on what type of course to put on - as someone new to mindfulness I wouldn’t have known which options would have worked best for the team.”

— Clare, SABMiller plc

“Ruth’s presentation was hugely insightful and interesting”

— Allie, attendee at HR breakfast seminar

“Great speaker; pace, clarity and content!”

— Genevieve Bradbury, Vie Talent Ltd, attendee at HR breakfast seminar

“Ruth’s teaching is a great combination of evidence-based practicality, with a very gentle, unrushed and reassuring approach. Her ways of explaining Mindfulness – both as a concept and as a practice - made it feel straightforward and very achievable, which was really quite inspiring. 

After just one session I began to feel that lasting change to the way I deal with stress is possible, and hope in the future to have the opportunity of taking further Mindfulness courses run by Ruth. ”

— Eilidh Strang, Owner, Silk Purse, Sow's Ear

“It was amazing the difference just a few minutes made to my overall feeling of calm and focus. The workplace taster session was a great introduction to mindfulness and I can really see how it would benefit me personally and professionally.”

— Becky, Communications team, International Law Firm

If you are interested in working together...

Calm City Mind will talk to you about what your objectives are in offering mindfulness to your staff or at your organisation, and what will best suit your business.

We offer a bespoke scoping service so that we are really providing what you are after. Calm City Mind can run short, 60-minute mindfulness taster sessions, seminars, presentations, workshops and courses. A typical one-hour taster session for your staff will introduce them to:

  • what mindfulness is;
  • (as importantly) what mindfulness isn't;
  • some of the research and neuroscience behind mindfulness in the workplace;
  • short taster practices so that people can experience mindfulness first-hand;
  • some takeaways for managing stress in the workplace; and
  • signposting to resources for staff who want to find out more.

As Mindfulness is more beneficial to individuals when it is practised regularly over an extended period of time, Calm City Mind also runs longer workshops, and courses for employers who want to provide their staff with the tools for integrating mindfulness into their life on a more sustainable basis.

We are passionate about bringing mindfulness into organisations, and debunking some of the myths that there can be around what can be a very effective tool for resilience and well-being. If you would like to find out more, or have a chat please get in touch to discuss in more detail.