Hot Mindfulness - Is that a thing?!

In mindfulness sessions I run during summer, the hot weather is often a focus. We sit and practice in an uncomfortable sauna-like climate - hot mindfulness...

But with that discomfort comes important opportunities for learning and practice.

So I thought I'd set out some thoughts on how to potentially relate the hot weather to practice over the coming days, as well as some things to try out to stay cool and fresh with mindfulness practice this summer…

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Digital Distraction: When do we stop listening and paying attention?

Sometimes we multi-task because we might really need to: often we do it out of habit... But does it matter if we get digitally distracted when we are communicating? We might all have our different takes on that, but if I think about the most meaningful or productive conversations I have had with people, it is probably when I feel we’ve given each other our full, undivided attention. Sometimes we multi-task because we might really need to: often we do it out of habit.

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Dealing With Digital Distraction

Technology can be brilliant - it enables us to do so many things that we otherwise would be unable to do. However, sometimes it can distract us and take us away from enjoying what is right in front of us, or divide our attention in a way that can be draining - for us and for others. Knowing when technology is helpful, and when it is less so, is half the battle…

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