Do High Standards Leave You Feeling Low?

When it comes to setting standards about what we do and how well we do it in our day, week, month or life, we can fall into the trap of setting unrealistic targets, judging ourselves when certain standards aren’t met and then feeling bad about ourselves in a way which negatively impacts our wellbeing. If any of this sounds scarily familiar, here are some things it might be helpful to recognise and be aware of…

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Projectile Pees & Puppy Bin-Raiders: How Can Mindfulness Help When Something Daunting Lies Around the Corner?

Whether or not it is a partner going back to work after paternity leave, or it is something else entirely, we all have moments in our life where whatever is around the corner can feel daunting or overwhelming and we wonder whether or not we will be able to cope.

Here are some reflections I’ve had about where mindfulness practice - deliberately paying attention to the present, non-judgmentally - has helped calm that sense of foreboding...

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