What Do We Mean By Work-Life balance and How Do We Achieve it?

The phrase ‘work-life’ itself, does, many would acknowledge, point to a dichotomy which doesn’t really reflect reality. Work is a part of our lives rather than something separate to it, and for many of us it is an important part of our identity.  

Achieving a good work-life balance is easier said than done. Whilst some of this is a result of physical barriers (lack of flexible working, long hours and presenteeism for example) some of the difficulty lies in being able to be mentally present in both our work and ur home lives. Using mindfulness in the workplace, and in our home lives, there are a number of things we can notice to help us reduce stress and restore the balance.

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Is Self-Care Selfish? Some of the Emotional Barriers to Practising It...

Is self-care selfish, self-obsessive, a bit fluffy, or something extra to feel guilty about when we don’t do it?

There is no shortage of ideas on how we can practice self-care. But whilst some of the obstacles to self-care can be practical (time, money, resources) there are a lot of emotional obstacles that can get in the way…

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Do High Standards Leave You Feeling Low?

When it comes to setting standards about what we do and how well we do it in our day, week, month or life, we can fall into the trap of setting unrealistic targets, judging ourselves when certain standards aren’t met and then feeling bad about ourselves in a way which negatively impacts our wellbeing. If any of this sounds scarily familiar, here are some things it might be helpful to recognise and be aware of…

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