New Year, Same You, Different Approach - Why you don't have to reinvent yourself in 2016

Every New Year, twitter trends with New Year messages and we start to review and plan our New Year’s Resolutions in earnest – join a gym; lose weight; drink less; eat less; work less. Whatever our resolutions are, large or small, they normally stem from some aspect of ourselves that we’re not happy with – we have told ourselves that we’re “too fat”, “work too hard”, that we are “not fit enough” – and from that we set a resolution to “be better” for the next few months. If we fail to meet our goal or keep the resolution up, it sometimes reinforces the critique that led us to making it in the first place.

So what if we don’t need to reinvent ourselves in 2016 because we are OK with how we are? What if instead of looking at what we wanted to change, at New Year we reflected on what we are grateful for? What if we set out intentions around growing in those areas, noticing the good things, being kind to ourselves in times of difficulty and extending that kindness to those around us?  What if all we need to change is our approach to what is happening, and if we didn’t set end goals but set intentions each day?

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