Lambs, broccoli & broken glassware: Mindfulness & New Beginnings

I love Spring. Daffodils are my favourite flower, it starts getting lighter in the evenings, lambs are super cute, and I get a valid excuse to eat as much chocolate as I want during the course of just one weekend. What’s not to love?

Most of all though, I love the fact that Spring signals new beginnings – the fact that we are surrounded by that happening in nature is somehow contagious. I often feel I have more energy and enthusiasm during Spring, and I don’t think that is just the result of me riding off a sugar high from all the chocolate.

Beginnings has significance in a number of ways in mindfulness practice. In terms of practice, you are encouraged to gently but persistently bring your focus back to the present, again and again when the mind wanders off or starts to get drawn into a storyline–beginning again over and over. When formal practice lapses for a while you can re-commit to it – another new beginning. And in focussing on the present, without judging it, you are encouraged to have ‘beginner’s mind’ where the attitude you bring to an experience is one of seeing it for the first time.

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