5 Mindfulness Myths Debunked

Mindfulness involves paying attention to the present, on purpose, without judgement.

I run a lot of mindfulness introduction sessions in the workplace in which I introduce people to what mindfulness is, why we might need it, and how it can be useful in helping us manage our mental health and well-being. In those sessions, as well as introducing people to what mindfulness is it is equally important to let people know what it isn’t.

So here I summarise and debunk some of the top mindfulness myths…

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Being mindful with a mini egg

Mindfulness involves deliberately paying attention to the present, on purpose and without judgement. As well as cultivating mindfulness through meditation exercises, it is something you can also try with everyday activities.

Here I've adapted a short mindful eating practice for you to try with a small chocolate egg this Easter -  or any other chocolate you happen to have lying around...I hope you enjoy it:)

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